May 31, 2012

Children are always good for a laugh

I regret that when my kids were little that I didn't write down all the cute and funny things that they said.  I remember a few of them still, but alas I have forgotten most of it (along with everything else that I am supposed to remember).  I have found however that they still say things that make me laugh, and there is no time like the present to write down what they have said.  For example last night I was up late since I couldn't sleep, and my son and his cousin came in to ask if they could watch a video on you tube.  He told me what is was, and I asked him if it was appropriate?  He looked at me and said, "Mom do you really think I would ask your permission if I was going to watch something I knew was inappropriate."  Yeah I didn't really think that one through very well.  I did get a good laugh though.  This same son said the other day...I know I am supposed to love everyone, but does that mean I have to like them?

My two youngest kids fight sometimes, sometimes a lot.  The other night I said to them that someday they would like each other and actually be nice to each other.  Grant made some comment about what I said, and then Breanna yelled from upstairs, "I'll be nice to him when he is better looking."  I have no idea where that came from, but it was quite funny.

We went to see Avengers the other day and it was pretty intense for Breanna.  She commented after that she had to bite Grant a couple of times to be able to handle it.  (Don't worry no harm was done, no blood was drawn).
Bryce Canyon

One of my favorites, although it has been several years now, was when we went down to Bryce Canyon.  Grant was only about 2 1/2 and we did a lot of hiking.  He spent most of his time, since his short little legs couldn't keep up with us, on Tony's shoulders.  He was kind of a quiet kid, but loved all the hiking and was surprisingly talking quite a bit to Tony.  As we were on a particularly long hike he asked Tony, "Dad, is this Heavenly Father's back yard?" 

I realize that most people won't find these things and others as funny or as sweet as I do, because sometimes you just have to be there...but if I write them down I can enjoy them over and over again.

May 26, 2012

Hello Dolly!

We have been very busy the past couple of weeks getting ready for the school musical.  Jared has loved the time spent preparing for the production even with the long days spent.  They did such a fantastic job with the play, and they are all 8th and 9th graders.  My hats off to Ms. Swallow and all the kids.  It was amazing!

Jared, Dolly and his cousin Matthew

Jared and Matthew practiced to be able to do cartwheels together for the play.

Jared and Dolly

May 21, 2012

BIG mistake

Once upon a time back in 2003 I let these cute little birds build a nest and lay eggs on my front porch.  It was fun to see the baby birds grow, and we all enjoyed watching it.  There was a huge mess on my front porch though, mud and droppings all over.  The baby birds flew away we cleaned up the porch and I thought that was that.  How wrong I was!!!!  Those birds thought my front porch was their home.  They would swoop at you when you'd walk out the front door, there were dropping everywhere and the mud everywhere. There was no way to keep the front porch even presentable.  So I decided that those birds would not ever build another nest on my porch.  Every year though, these persistent little things come back.  I can knock down nests two or three times in a day.  If we happen to be gone for the weekend a nest will be there, but I have become mean...I still knock it down.  I have also become a bit of a crazy woman each year when the birds come back, I go after them armed with squirt guns and even nerf guns.  If you have seen a crazy person on our porch yelling at cute little may or may not be me. 

May 18, 2012

Things I love right at this moment

This is from a couple of years ago, after the plants had already grown some.  I am too lazy right now to take a current picture.
Flowers freshly planted-This week was so warm!  We planted the garden for FHE and then I planted the rest of the flowers on Tuesday (Our first day to reach 90-a little too warm for my liking).  I like to just walk around and look at the flower beds now.  I swear you can see the new little plants growing as you stand there and watch.  I love the color and the way that seeing flowers jut somehow cheers me up.
This picture-my cousin posted this.  It's my Dad and his sister. He comes from such a great family, and I love the tenderness in this photo.
 Sunsets-I love the beautiful sunsets that we get to see almost nightly out over the lake.
This picture too-My daughter is helping my brother-in-law and his wife this summer, and she posted this picture.  It is too cute not to share.  This daughter and all my wonderful children took really good care of me on Mother's Day.  I love being a Mom!
Grant's excitement-Grant has been talking non-stop this week because he was going camping with his Dad tonight.  He was looking for his baseball mitt to take with him, which reminded me of this photo.  He loves his Dad, and doing things with him.  I love how when he is excited he literally talks constantly.  Tony doesn't love camping, but I know he wouldn't miss this for the world because of how excited Grant gets.

May 7, 2012

Anniversaries, Birthdays, Blessings

What a crazy weekend!  Friday was Tony and I's anniversary.  22 years!  It hardly seems possible until I think about all the things that have happened since we got married.  It has been a great 22 years.  We went to see Avengers.  I would highly recommend it if you like that sort of movie.  Funny and entertaining...I loved it! 

Saturday was Breanna's birthday.  She is officially a teenager, but I think she was born a teenager.  Seriously she is such a thoughtful and fun girl.  You never know quite what to expect with her, but you can guarantee that she won't be subdued about it.  If you want someone to be excited about something, or grateful about something, she is your girl.  She will do a happy dance just for me making spaghetti.  When she is excited about something you can tell!  She is cute, fun and spunky and makes life very interesting.  It is amazing to see how much she has grown up the last year or so.

Sunday we were in Highland since Tony's brother was blessing his twin babies.  This made child 6 and 7 for them, six boys now and 1girl.  Alexis is staying with them this summer to help them out.  It was a great day and so fun to be with Tony's has been a while. Babies are such a blessing...I can almost think that it would be ok for my girls to get married if it meant I could have grandkids.

May 3, 2012

Braces again and other happenings

So you would think that at least one of my kids would have at least semi straight teeth wouldn't you? No! Breanna got braces this past week, making our fifth round with braces with our children. (Yes 5, Ashley had the privilege of doing braces twice so that makes 5, and we will be at 6 with Grant.)  I think Breanna might have enjoyed getting braces on as I got her a strawberry shake for lunch one day and a smoothie the next.  I have gotten soft in my old age...I am pretty sure I made Ashley and Alexis just tough it out. (I am sure they are stronger because of it though)

In other happenings...Alexis has finished her freshman year at BYU, and is already counting down the days until football season starts again.  She is still working at the MTC and loves seeing her friends that are all leaving on their missions.  (She liked serving David Archuleta too, even if he is about 4 inches shorter than her)
 Ashley finishes up her junior year at Utah State this week.  Last weekend we went to her Latter-day Voices concert in Logan.  It was fantastic-good music and the spirit-a perfect combination.  Jared loved it because a very cute girl from the choir came and got him to dance during a number.  I don't know which he liked better, dancing with the cute girl, or telling all his friends that he danced with a college girl.
 Best thing that has happened to me today?  Grant came up to me after family scriptures this morning and said, "I need a hug from my wonderful mother."  You just can't get enough of that as a Mom. 

Other news-I guess it official...we are going to go to New Hampshire this summer to see Tony's parents who are serving a mission there.  We have never been on a family trip that required airplane travel, so this could be an experience. Since we will already be back there we are going to see Boston, Palmyra and spend a little time in the Big Apple too.  I am so excited! One of my favorite things is planning a trip-figuring out how to get around, what to see, and most important how to pack as much in as we possibly can into the few days we will have.

And lastly, here is a quote from the April conference calendar that I just finished.  Have I ever mentioned that I love General Conference...

I am confident that our Heavenly Father’s arms are constantly extended, ever ready to embrace each one of us and say to each one with that quiet, piercing voice, “I love you.”

Paul E. Koelliker