Oct 22, 2012

General Conference = Change

19th Birthday in June-What did she ask for? New scriptures
Conference is my favorite time of the year, I love the spiritual enlightenment and the renewed desire to be better that it always brings.  This year was just like all the others.  I received some direct promptings on things I need to be working on and changing in my life.  Of course the trick is always to stay motivated after conference to make the needed changes.  This conference brought with it a few more changes then I had been anticipating however.  When school started I mentioned that you never know when major changes were on the horizon-well now I know when...Saturday morning within the first 15 minutes of General Conference!

Lexie has felt very strong promptings that she should serve a mission for probably about a year, but 21 was so far away that I wondered if she would still feel the same when the time came.  She and her cousin decided to take Mission Prep at BYU this fall together.  When she told me they were going to, I thought it was kind of early to be taking it, but of course it wouldn't hurt.  So when Pres. Monson made THE announcement, Lexie and I both started crying.  We all knew it was time for her to serve.  We continued to cry off and on throughout the day, not because we were sad, but because we could see the Lord's hand directing her life and preparing her for something He knew was coming.  I was also overwhelmed by her immediate acceptance.  She went from initial shock, to how soon can I get my papers submitted.  As we have discussed the matter further we have seen even more ways that the Lord has been helping her to prepare.  Truly the Lord loves His children and will not ask them to do things without preparing a way.

So Saturday evening and Sunday she filled out the paperwork and in between sessions she had an interview with the Bishop.  That was another sweet part of this experience since her Dad is the Bishop.  Clearly it was a great and emotional experience for both of them.

The day following conference I started making phone calls, and surprisingly the dentist could see her the next day. When does that happen?  I was also able to arrange her physical as well.  She was not happy to get 4 shots, and to find out that her wisdom teeth will have to be removed (this Friday!), but all in all everything looked fine and she was good to go.

Yesterday she met with the Stake President and her papers are now officially submitted! He said she should expect her call a week from Wednesday!  Wow!  I am trying not to expect the call that soon because I have to manage my expectations.

I am sure that Alexis was not the only young woman listening to conference with these kinds of experiences and with similar feelings and promptings.  In fact she has two cousins who are preparing now to serve because of this announcement. We were doing a count and realized that there could be 6 cousins serving at the same time from our family because of this, 3 boys and 3 girls.

What I am most grateful for through all of this is my daughter's willingness to do the Lord's will.  I know this is a frightening thing for her, and she could have easily found reasons to delay her decision.  She has chosen not to be paralyzed by her fear however, but instead has chosen to be empowered by her faith. Like Nephi in the Book of Mormon (not the first Nephi, the one from Helaman), who was going home and was commanded of the Lord to call the people to repentance.  He received the call and immediately turned and and responded to the call.  My daughter and my nieces and many others out there have responded in like manner.  I am impressed and inspired by their faith.

Oct 4, 2012

Things that make me smile

 Last night my daughter asked me to watch a powerpoint presentation she had made.  Now your first thought is that this was homework and that she wanted me to check it right?  Yeah me too.  Not so!  She had prepared a short presentation on why she should get a cell phone.  Her resourcefulness and persistence make me smile.  Still undecided about the cell phone though.  Here are a few of the slides-
Another thing that makes me smile is that there were almost no gnats when I was running this morning.  I have so loved the extra protein in my diet the last couple of weeks as I have been swarmed by hundreds of gnats each day.  In my eyes, nose, hair and everywhere else you can think of.  Could it be because it was deliciously cool this morning?

One more thing I am loving this morning is the scripture that has been going through my mind since I used it in my lesson on Sunday. It is found in 2 Timothy 1:7.  For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.  Love that!

Oct 2, 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words

Cross Country season at Viewmont.  Last meet is Friday.

Arrow of Light. 

View behind my house

My amazing oldest daughter and I in our matching necklaces. (Lexie has one too, but sadly she was not home)

My baby is 11!  Hated it when my parents always called me there baby when I was a kid.  Sorry Grant.

My parents with the birthday boy.  They look pretty good for 80 year olds don't they?

My project last week.  After 14 years it was time for some new paint.