May 28, 2013

Jared's First Prom

My 16 year old son decided he wanted to go to prom this year.  He was a little stressed about the whole thing, but I think he ended up having a good time. So crazy that all these little kids that I once had are now all getting old. (I had my very last primary child sing to me on Mother's Day-he will be 12 in October.  So strange...where does the time go!) Anyway enough waxing nostalgic!  Although I have mixed feelings about dances and the money and everything that goes with them, I think they can be fun and even reasonable.  I try not to make a big fuss out of it though, because I am not a big fan of the possible angst that comes when you don't get asked.  So we try to approach it as a fun part of high school, but not a necessary part of the school experience.  That being said it is fun as a mom to see your teenage son all dressed up, nervous and ready to go.  Hopefully he wasn't too stressed about the whole thing, and that he looks back on it as a good experience.

May 16, 2013

Be Still

Have you ever wanted to know the end from the beginning?  Wanted to know what the outcome would be before you started the race?  Wanted to know how your kids would be before you had them?  In essence wanted to know if the benefits would outweigh the risks and trials that accompany almost everything in this life?  However if we knew everything, we would not need to walk by faith and trust in God.  Life is scary sometimes, and it is so easy to counsel Heavenly Father on what we 'need' and how we need it right now.  In His goodness, he patiently listens to us whine, and ask the same questions repeatedly even gently chastising when necessary to help us learn to trust in Him and realize that His plan provides much more happiness, even joy, than our muddled and often visionless ideas.  Often in the turmoil that is our life, we have to take time to be still.  Be still and remember that God is in charge, and if we will trust in him our outcome really is known.  I find that the easiest times for me to be still are when I am out in nature.  When my mind is blown by the majesty of His creations, I feel that the Lord is in charge and that I can do whatever might be required.  So I am including in this post some of my favorite pictures of places that I have visited often and others that I have only seen once, but all remind me to Be Still.
Sunset Beach in Hawaii


Bryce Canyon

Mueller Park in Bountiful
Island Park, ID

May 12, 2013

She's finally in Australia!

What a roller coaster ride our life has been since October 2013.  I don't think I realized I was able to feel all the emotions I have felt since Lexie decided to serve a mission after Pres. Monson's announcement.  Having never had a missionary before, I wasn't sure what to expect, and honestly I feel I have been blessed with peace that I didn't know was even possible.  That being said though it is not easy!  When she didn't get her visa and stayed in the MTC for two extra weeks, and then being reassigned to another mission for 4 weeks while she was waiting was a very interesting experience. Of course what I wanted was that she would get her visa and be able to go, but evidently Heavenly Father had different things in mind, lessons that needed to be learned by her, and also by her parents.  Life is all about accepting Heavenly Father's will AND His timetable.  Putting our trust in an omniscient and  omnipotent being who will give us precisely the experiences we need to become all that He needs us to become.  Lexie definitely had some challenging experiences while serving in the South, but if she chooses, those experiences  will refine her and make her and even better missionary now that she is in Australia. 

YES!  She is in Australia. She arrived there Tuesday afternoon (Wednesday morning Australian time).  We got our mother's day call last night since there is a 16 hour time difference.  (So weird that we will get her Monday email today, that is going to take some getting used to.)  It was so fun to talk to her and laugh with her and hear the sparkle in her voice.  She is serving in a town called Grafton that hasn't had missionaries for a year I think she said.  They had just attended church when she called and there were 18 people there at the branch yesterday.  Sounds like she has some work to do!  She will be driving, and has already taken her test since her companion from Tahiti doesn't drive.  She said driving on the wrong side of the rode isn't too bad, except for when she came out of a roundabout on the wrong side.  Luckily no other cars were coming so she didn't die or anything.
She is a ten hour train ride away from Sydney in the far north of her mission.  They told her that where they are serving now is the mission they will be in when the the mission splits in July.  So she will serve in the Sydney North mission.  She said her 'flat' is amazing, leather couches and the whole bit.  Her companion, who has been out for 7 months, said she has never had such a nice apartment.  Sounds like she better enjoy that while it lasts. :) 

I am certain there will be plenty more challenges that lie ahead for her in the next 16 months, but I have learned to pray for what Heavenly Father knows is best for her, and not for what I think is best.  And when I forget that sometimes, I am sure He will continue to remind me.  So grateful to be a mother, and today especially a missionary mom!

May 6, 2013

Family Pictures

 The day before Lexie left we went to get family pictures taken.  The kids insisted it was necessary since Ashley was still our tallest child in the one on our wall. (9 years ago)  The best moment of the picture taking, was when the photographer asked which one of us was most excited to be there.  Jared quickly replied, "Probably you."  Yeah we love getting pictures taken.

Won't be getting this one, but it made me laugh!