Nov 8, 2012


It is now the 8th of November, and I am left wondering what happened to October.  I think I lost a month in it's entirety.  As I already posted General Conference brought some big changes for our family, and I think I lost the month of October to helping my 19 year old daughter get everything done to submit her papers.  It was a physically intensive process that required multiple trips to Provo (1500 miles worth to be exact), and hours spent in doctors and dentists offices.  We did shots, physicals, checkups and the crowning accomplishment wisdom teeth removal-all four of which were impacted.  It was also a bit of a mentally exhaustive process trying to wrap my mind around the idea of having a missionary right now!  Her call arrived on Halloween.  We were expecting it, but I was so nervous that for some reason it wouldn't come ( I often expect the worst).  I was so relieved to open the mailbox and find a big white envelope addressed to her.  I took a picture and then promptly put it in my cedar chest and then left the house.  No use tempting me with an envelope that contained my daughter's fate!  Then as soon as I picked up my other kids from school I drove down to Provo (yes another trip) and brought her back home.  Around 6:15pm or so, Grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts were at our house, and we had multiple computers and iPads linking us to grandparents and cousins who couldn't be there with us.  Finally at about 6:45 she sat down to open that all important envelope.  It was only seconds before she was crying, and Tony and I joined in for good measure.  She could hardly read the call to us, but managed to get out the important info.  The Australia Sydney Mission leaving March 13th.  Wow!  So exciting!  Grant, our only child still trick or treating, decided not to postpone his candy gathering. But he stuck his head in the back door for just a minute as he was going around the neighborhood to find out where his sister was going.  Upon hearing, he was exuberant as he guessed Australia, which means he got the coveted milkshake. I still feel a little overwhelmed how in just a few short weeks your life can change, but it's a good change and I am grateful for the blessings that have come along with all the chaos.

 Just about an hour after Alexis opened her call, her cousin opened her's down in Provo.  We watched through skype as she opened her call to serve in the Australia, Perth mission.  They both leave for the MTC on March 13th.  What are the odds that these two cousins who have grown up together would leave for their missions on the exact same day and go to the same country?  Of course they are on opposite sides of the huge country of Australia, but still.
This picture was taken the day after Lexie got her wisdom teeth out.  Other than a rough first day, she healed remarkably fast with minimal swelling.  3 of these 4 girls have received their mission calls since Pres. Monson's announcement.  We are hoping that when the other call is opened this Friday that she is going to one of the other three missions in Australia. :)

Grant and friends-The Three Amigos