Mar 18, 2012

Ahh the madness!!

Tony and I enjoying a nice March Sunday.
Last  year I followed the college basketball scene pretty closely.  I was totally sucked into Jimmermania and looking forward to the tournament was so much fun.  This  year I haven't followed as closely, but I still love March Madness.  I love the last second shots causing elation for one team and devastation for another.  I love the upsets.  I love filling out my bracket (no I don't bet on it) even though I am terrible at it.  If you want to know who to pick just pick the opposite of me.  I lost a Final Four team in the first round!  It's ok though I will always cheer for the underdog, unless of course they were playing my team.  (Speaking of madness my team played in the play in game and came back from a 25 point deficit to win.  That was amazing!  Unfortunately they went on to lose their next game.)

Another part of the madness of March is the weather!  60's and beautiful all week.  I was running outside in short sleeves and capris.  It was fabulous.  The trees are budding, the daffodils are up and the grass is trying to lose it's dead brownish yellow color. Now tonight it is snowing.  Gotta love March in Utah.

Friday night I got a text from my son while Tony and I were out to dinner.  It said, "Mom don't freak out I'm ok. I just fell out of a tree."  After making sure he had no serious injuries, I asked him if it was funny.  He replied, " Haha I started laughing right when I hit the ground.  I only fell about 15 feet."  Only 15 feet!!  I guess that is no big deal to a 15 year old. 

Saturday night we took Grant to the jazz game, courtesy of the Jr. Jazz basketball league he plays in.  I really stopped following the Jazz after they broke my heart two seasons in a row losing the NBA championship to the Bulls.  I mean we even had home court the second year....I am not still bitter though. :)  Anyway, the game was a blast!   The Jazz came back from behind to take it to overtime, and dominated the extra minutes.  Favorite play-Gordon Hayward blocking a shot at one end, and then dunking it at the other end.

I can hardly believe that Friday was the end of 3rd term.  School is almost over!  How does that happen?  How does time fly by so quickly? That is perhaps the greatest madness of all.

Mar 10, 2012

Ways you know you are getting old...

In honor of my birthday, I thought I would make a list of some of the things I have noticed as I get older.

1. You wake up in the morning with more aches then you went to bed with.
2. You can't remember what you needed to do upstairs once you get up there.
3. The songs you listened to in high school are on the oldies station.
4. The clothes you wore in high school are now being worn by kids in high school today. (they are still ugly)
5. You can't remember how old you are. 
6. A late night movie is 8:00pm, and you still fall asleep.
7. The kids you stay up with late at night are much older, and communicate much better.
8. All the things you thought were important to have as a teenager, just aren't important anymore.
9. Your late night snack needs to be eaten by 7:00 if you don't want to gain weight. (and should probably be fruit or vegetables instead of ice cream)
10. You still hide things from your kids, but unfortunately you hide them from yourself as well.

I think I just might have a mid-life crisis that will only be cured by a trip to Europe!

Mar 6, 2012

Spring and the Salt Lake Temple

My daisies- the green is already starting to push up through the soil.  I can't wait!
I was out running yesterday.  The sun was shining, robins were out, and it was warm.  No jacket or gloves required!  It has been a mild winter, but I am still ready for spring.  I am ready for green grass, and fragrant flowers.  For fresh fruit and garden tomatoes.  I am ready for the earth to be renewed from it's current dreary state.  To hear the wind lightly blow the leaves on the trees.  Spring is my absolute favorite time of year (autumn is a close second).  I love March, not only because it is my birthday month, but because it is when everything that seems dead comes back to life. Yesterday gave me a case of spring fever.  Please, please bring it on!

For the last two weeks the Bountiful Temple has been closed so I have made a few trips into Salt Lake.  Initially I was being lazy and didn't want to make the extra effort to go to Salt Lake.  So lame I know!  I apologize for my laziness to all those who have to travel more than 15 or 20 minutes to get to the temple.  After getting to the temple though I was so glad I made the effort.  I LOVE the Salt Lake Temple.  The pioneer spirit is alive and well there and it always permeates my being and leaves me feeling like I can be faithful and make sacrifices for the gospel just like my pioneer ancestors.  I am always blown away by the intricacies of the temple and to think that it was constructed in the 1800's just blows my mind.  I am actually grateful the Bountiful Temple was closed so that I took the opportunity to go to the Salt Lake Temple.  We also took Jared and Breanna there last week to do baptisms.  We had a bunch of family names and we decided to do them in Salt Lake.  I just love all the little details in the Salt Lake Temple, the beehive doorknobs that are lower that you would expect on all the intricately carved doors.  The incredibly long hallways that even people with a good sense of direction (not me) could get lost in.  It was a great experience for all of us.  It is nice to have a little piece of heaven so close to us.