Jan 8, 2014

Tony's Birthday

Just a little shout out to my husband.  I met him for the first time a little over 24 years ago, and he just gets better with age! He has changed a lot through the years, his hair is thinner and gray, and he doesn't stand quite as tall as he used to, but honestly I like it that way.  We have earned those gray hairs together.  He loves me, he listens to me, and he makes me laugh.  He knows how to enjoy life, and be a spiritual giant at the same time.  He is strong when I am weak.  He supports me and encourages me.  He lets me drag him around to every "cool" thing I want to see on vacation.  He respects my ability to receive guidance and direction for our family, even if it means dragging the whole family cross country.  He's not perfect, but he is perfect for me. Happy Birthday, Tony!!